Toni’s Professional Legal Typing and Transcription Service

My name is Toni Buttafuoco and I have an office in Suffolk County, New York.  I have been a legal assistant/typist for over twenty-five years.   My superior quality document handling, knowledge of filing documents in the Nassau and Suffolk County Courts, in conjugation with my  paralegal certification, allows me to  provide a level of quality in legal document production and transcription service for attorneys and/or individuals needing assistance, that you simply will not get with generic or cut-rate typing services.

Allow Me to Save You Time, Money and Stress…

You simply cannot afford to spend time worrying about your legal typing or transcription tasks and deadlines. Let me put you at ease with my 25 years plus  experience as a legal secretary and transcriptionist.

  • Are you constantly adjourning matters because there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete your document work?
  • Can you really afford to fall behind in correspondence with your important associates and clients?
  • Do you need “extra help”, but don’t want to incur the added expense and headaches of hiring additional staff?
  • How would your clients feel if they received error-ridden or unprofessional looking documents with your name on it?
  • Can you afford to risk your reputation with something as basic as not having a legal typist available?
  • Do you have interviews or court proceedings that need transcribing?
  • Do you have a telephone recording or audio recording that needs transcribing?

If any of these questions sound familiar, let me show you how you can save significant money, time and frustration with, quite honestly, the best legal typing and transcription service. Being able to type and being a typist are very easy to confuse, and not always on the minds of professionals.  Having a typist provide quality legal document preparation and provide a final document to be served on adversaries, court and/or clients can be the cement that holds the framework for your clients and practice together.

For matrimonial attorneys:  The preparation of uncontested or settled divorce packets completed and ready for submission.

General litigation:  The preparation of pleadings, discovery demands and responses.

Personal recorded one-on-one interviews; transcription of court hearings and deposition summaries.

  • Please give me a call, where I can fully explain my rates and procedures.

    Remember: Quality Does Not Cost – It Pays

    Although my office is centrally located in  Suffolk County, New York, utilizing  the technology we have today, documentation can easily be received,  produced, edited and transferred electronically in several standard formats, including :

    • Windows 7, Wordperfect 11, Microsoft Word .DOC and/or WORD.docx files;  and Adobe Acrobat;
    • MP3 or .wav audio files for audio transcription – Express Scribe; digital audio files via For The Record; Sharepoint; Fax;
    • Other secure or proprietary legal office document transfer applications.

    Please feel free to call or email with any questions. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss your specific individual needs and priorities.

    Main Phone: 631-868-0221

    Mobile: 631-398-2420

    Fax: 631-868-0221

    This web site is designed for freelance projects as an independent contractor with attorneys and for the preparation of legal documents such as pleadings and/or uncontested divorce documents all under the direction of an attorney; it is not to be construed as an advertisement for any other public paralegal services, rendering legal advice or accepting fees for legal advice. Any comments are my own opinions and must not be interpreted and used in any way as legal advice.  I cannot give  individuals legal advice, tell you what your legal rights or remedies are, represent you in court; or tell you how to testify in court.

4 responses to “Toni’s Professional Legal Typing and Transcription Service

  1. I had my car repaired and not only did they not fix the problem, they
    created other problems.
    I am looking to pursue small claims, in order to get my money returned. But first I want to send a letter to the owner, to see if he can resolve this out of court.

  2. I have a current divorce case in Ca. The person who I had doing all my docs has stopped responding and refuses to finish the work. All I need is one of the forms retyped to state no trial requested and debts and property are settled. This has been on going since May 2014 and I just desperately need help and it to be done. I have no idea where I get help. I have no income so I’m not sure what your fees are. If you can help or point me in the right dirrecttion, I would be greatful.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Nicole – thank you for reaching out to me. I can retype any form you need and include the statements you are requesting. My fees are $3.25 per double spaced page and $6.50 for double spaced with a minimum fee of $25.00. If you want me to prepare the documents, I would need you to either scan me a copy of the form you want retyped or send it via fax. Also a deposit for $25.00 made to my paypal account or a check forwarded and cleared for the work is completed.
      Thank you and I hope to hear from you.
      You may respond to my email at

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